Cycle Skills / Trainers

There's a lot of great people and companies out there delivering training across London, here's a few who are worth knowing about and who I have worked for or still work with;

London Borough of Islington - My home and for whom I deliver both instructor and mechanic services

Cycle Confident - Responsible for cycle skills and Dr Bike in 14 of London's boroughs

Bikeworks - Passionate 'Community Interest Company' delivering all-ability and maintenance courses

Pedal Power - Excellent and popular 'all ability' cycling club run in Finsbury Park, Haringey, North London

Wheely Tots -  Charitable start-up delivering toddlers and parents balance bike sessions in North London

Wheels for Wellbeing - Croydon and south London based 'all ability' cycling charity

Cycle Training UK - A not for profit worker co-op delivering cycle training and training instructors (including me in 2010).

Shops / Servicing / Services

A good bike shop is to me one that's friendly, unpretentious and full of people who love their work. The same goes for mechanics and bike related services. The list below covers places and services I know well and their location; 

Pedal Me (London) - an on-demand bike taxi service. Super fast and cool way to get around

London Bike Kitchen (Hoxton) - Friendliest, pluckiest bike repair co-op and mentors in bike maintenance in London

SBC Cycles (Hoxton) - Independently owned custom bike shop. Bike nerds to a man.

Bikeworks (Bethnal Green) - Scaled down from their previous all encompassing remit, but a good place to get your bike fixed

Condor (Holborn) - Serious bike shop with history, a good range of clothing but pitched at the roadie market predominantly

Look Mum, No Hands (Old Street) - the original hipster cafe / cycling joint. Friendly bike servicing too.

On Your Bike (London Bridge) - Another great indie, with huge range of commuter bikes and fair prices

Brompton Junction (Covent Garden) - If you ride one of these folding bikes, this is the place with a hotline back to the factory

Phoenix Cycles (Battersea) - The gold standard for Brompton and Moulton repair and servicing

Halfpipe (North Kensington) -  Nominally a skater shop, but they know bicycles too, a great selection of lights and accessories

Bike Workshop (Bristol) - Great shop selling quality new and refurbished bikes

Clothing / Brands

Not being a fan of cycle sport or dedicated sport cycle clothing and safety clothing generally, my favoured brands or outlets all favour stylish, clothes or products that work well on and off a bike. Importantly to me, they don't make you look like you'd rather be talking about sportifs over coffee (overrated) with weekend riders, or head to toe in high-visibility fabrics. For lights and gear, I tend to go for good quality, rechargeable over cheap and disposable. For clothing, I take a "buy cheap, buy twice" attitude;

SegraSegra (Czech Republic) - Fantastically stylish urban cycling gear with recycled fabrics. A lot of blacks

Muxu (Catalonia, Spain) - Urban style from Barcelona, and very comfortable, their jeans are faultless

Vulpine (United Kingdom) - Somewhat preppy / roadie, but undeniably excellently designed and fitted clothing

Mission Workshop (USA) - Just brilliant if you need a rugged messenger bag

Chrome Industries (USA) - My waterproof cycle boots from Chrome cost a fortune, but they've never let me down.

Sealskinz (United Kingdom) - Warmest, most water tight cycle clothing garments around

Vizavee (United Kingdom) - If you must go with reflectives, this company does them with the most panache

The Cycling Store (United Kingdom) - Excellently curated online store majoring in women's cycle clothing

Always Riding (United Kingdom) - Another very nicely curated collection of cycling clothing

Knog (Australia) - Stylish rechargeable lights, excellent value

Outdoor Tech (USA) - Makers of some of the most rugged waterproof electronic gear on the market, including speakers

Carry Freedom (Germany) - I cannot fault their trailers. Rugged, dependable and easy to tow.